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TLD inspector work basic details

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TLD inspector work basic details
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     How to reasonably complete customer inspection requirement, international inspection company to day lextar years of experience out of a set of perfect inspection procedures in order to request the inspector.

1, before starting a business colleague at least on the previous day to call the other side of the plant with good contact, to avoid the factory after the goods are not available or the person in charge is not in the case of.

2, travel colleagues must first understand the traffic routes, weather conditions.

3, read the order information (product packing list) and inspection data (product specification & customer inspection requirements) and the previous inspection report signed and other relevant information, if in doubt, ask before inspection must serve as business or ask the inspection manager.

4, take the camera and the need to ensure that there is enough electricity, tape, 3M tape, a sealed plastic bag (loading office supplies).

5, arrive at the factory to call to inform the company colleagues have arrived at the destination.

6, before the formal inspection, to understand the situation of the order, such as the completion of the whole batch of goods did not? If not completed, the completion of the number? How many finished products have been packed? Is not completed is doing? (such as the actual number and serve as business inform data access, must first call back to the company report); if the goods are in production and to notify the company by telephone on the actual situation of the business goods and confirm whether to continue the inspection? If the inspection, then we must also go to the production process, as far as possible in the production process to find out the problem, to inform the plant and ask for the improvement of the problem? What time the remainder can be completed? The other finished goods, must take a picture and look up and the number of points (point box number / card number), note that this should be written on the note on the inspection report.

7, whether with the camera and check the shipping mark and packing with the same as business to give orders, check whether the damaged box, check box (box) there is no problem, check in the box layout card to meet customer requirements. If there is no packing, to ask the factory carton in place yet? As to (even if no packing, can check carton marks, carton size, quality, cleanliness and color, but it is best to let the factory first arrange carton for our inspection), such as carton has not arrived yet, is to understand what time would come.

8, according to the standard (generally AQL standard) number of instructions to check the goods.

9, photographed goods, including defective products and related packaging methods. Check whether the goods are in good condition and good storage (such as termite pests, rain, fire etc.).

10, check the goods and signed relevant requirements, whether consistent, such as color, color and trademark position, size, appearance, surface treatment effect (such as not a scratch marks, stains, etc...) the product function (please pay special attention to); (a) the trademark printing effect, can not have hyphenation dragline silk, 3M, to see whether the tape test screen fade, the trademark must be complete; (b) the color of the product surface can't fade or fade easily.

11, check box is not damaged, there is no crease wear flowers, printing effect is excellent and consistent proofing.

12, check whether the goods are made with a new material, raw materials to non-toxic, ink to non-toxic (general inspection can not be detected, the sample must be sent to test).

13 , check whether the goods are installed, installed in place, not easy to loose or fall off.

14, check whether the function of the goods is normal and operation is normal.

15, check whether the goods batch Feng cut hand, can not have flash sharp cut hand.

16, check the goods (including packaging and carton box, paper, plastic bags, bubble bags, stickers, brochures, foaming, cleanliness).

17, check whether the product is damaged.

18, to be called the weight of the goods (gross) and measure the size of carton, carton and printing and order information (such as the factory did not conform to electronic scale or data and orders do not match, must report notes).

19, the electronic products to do the relevant test (field can be completed, such as high pressure, ground pressure, etc.), carton drop test if the factory did not agree with all the test report must also note, need to take pictures, parameters need to be recorded.

20, the inspection report, must fill in the packing materials, such as how many (a) into a box (box), how many (a) in a carton, written reference: 50 / box, 300 / box (CTN). Also, the carton is required to play with? Remember to use the 'work' - shaped sealing tape seal box.

21, according to the order information such as the guests asked the bow to do to stay like you need to find a factory to get the relevant number of the bow, such as the report of the dispute is relatively large must be representative of the bad products are also taken away (very important). Arrange sample labels, arrange the day or the next day to keep the company.

22, fill in the inspection report, together with the other side to say it again, and then let the person in charge of signature and write the date. All travel documentary or inspection report back to the company, the company must call to the company to inform and confirm has received the report, and inform the colleagues plan when to leave the factory.

23, the camera to download photos with Email to the relevant colleagues, in the Email to add a simple solution to the picture.

24, back to the company to file the original inspection report.

25, business colleagues such as no time back to the company, to call the supervisor and explain good work.

     Note: as a professional third party inspection company, day Lunda international inspection company (TLD) the strict requirements of their inspector, although the third party inspection company inspector workflow and similar foreign trade companies, but we in the process of inspection data check more detailed, more stringent inspection requirements. Because we only get information before the product is shipped, do a final shipment inspection, and often no sample control test.

     Our philosophy: to choose TLD, your trust, our commitment!

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