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Six skills in the process of international trade

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Six skills in the process of international trade
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Foreign trade orders for friends should have contact with claims, the amount of different size. In order to reduce the claim as much as possible, when doing foreign trade, the inspection of this step should be done! As a salesman, we still care about their own goods, only for their own goods to understand clearly that once the guest questions can tell the truth, a reasonable explanation, would have to pay the goods because of your attitude may come to nothing! So this step is very critical inspection.
1, prepare inspection reports, inspection tools, the contract, to see a total of a few boxes. Then find a few workers to move goods, you want from the flowers to pick out a few red. If it is not a professional inspection company, then the general ratio of a 5%-8% is enough, if the number is too much, to see a 15 case is about the same. We go to the inspection is to understand the production of products, the best time to pick a wide range of goods, the best east pumping two boxes, two boxes of West pumping, strengthen the randomness, and don't cheat your factory do not know, then you can be really miserable!
2, the East West pick pick finally pick out a few boxes before loading, and then look at the box is not broken, the carton is not a special foreign trade carton (have special inspection number) ah, carton is not set or set (European love with no order, the United States generally use a book, there is no) packing tape, packing belt is artificial or automatic (Europeans love playing by automatic, because automatic strapping machine is not set, artificial are the last look at the tape hasp), guests have sealing requirements (yellow tape, transparent tape, kraft paper tape, etc.) is not a requirement for I-shaped box?
3, after the carton to see Mark, a word to come, in case of a word wrong button you 50DOLLAR you don't be sad ah! Here the point to emphasize is that some factories do not know English, like where they didn't fill fill the number, size and weight of the unit without conversion, guests are LBS they made KGS, INCH made CM, CUFT wrote you a 18 and so on, these small details, factory not intending to do wrong, but they do not know how to do!
4, make sure that the box is no problem, open the box, see the beautiful bride's face. Unexpectedly, there are only within the box, take out the contract to continue to, to see whether the box above need what label printing ah, ah, if there is also a bar code scanner to scan, the factory did not sweep on the back. In case if there are requirements for sealing tape according to the guests, if not for a letter was almost the same, saved it, hard to earn the money!
5, for the general box before production has been confirmed with the guests, you want more of the color problem, if you modify the middle more carefully than on the box or the printed word, not afraid, just in case! And then in contrast to the other requirements of the contract, the most commonly used is the label affixed, labeled with UPC, then pay attention to scan the. Note box guest requirement is three side sealing or sealing side, if the guest did not request to see one side sealing effect, single seal if the product out easily it must face seal three!
6, into the theme - inspection! Look at the individual product packaging, PB, or PB/HEADER, plastic bags strict lax, elevator order is not correct, the guests of the staple position there is no requirement for PB materials are not required, there is no PB printing bag, printed matter there are no mistakes, not to ask there is no warning mark, UPC code and no standard, there is no requirement for MADE IN CHINA and so on, must be consistent with the contract, all inconsistent with the guests to the local modification. After watching packaging products, out of sample were compared with visual areas with visual tools, with the tool, the principle is to confirm the same sample! This may be the most troublesome is the quality of the products above a problem, if it is certainly not the shipment, afraid what goods can also be suspended in midair, out of a can, this time we should judge by experience, to determine the goods according to your nature and for the guests to know the results! If you are not sure, with a few more like shipped back to the company, to the leadership or have the experience of predecessors to determine the fate of the goods!
7, repeat the above 3, 4, 5N times, until you see the satisfaction. Fill out inspection reports, inspection report can also fill in the side, write inspection results, sign your name, and then call the factory responsible person to sign the name. Ask them to pick up the pieces, you can pick up the bag, don't forget things oh!

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