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Common inspection questions

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Common inspection questions
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What is the difference between factory inspection and laboratory testing?  

The difference between factory inspection and laboratory test is: on-site inspection sample amount is larger, more emphasis on product quality; focus on product function and appearance, the extracted inspection samples are production workers, compared to the prenatal test samples, better production quality level can reach the actual generation table factory for a long time; on-site inspection, test data, is an important measure for the factory management level and stable quality level.

Different industries will have different inspection requirements? Are these requirements mandatory?  

The inspection requirements must be agreed with the buyer supplier, together to achieve the standards and product consistency inspection specification (Check list). Different industries will have their own basic inspection requirements, according to the needs of buyers are some of the mandatory.

If manufacturers want to control the quality, how to help them? Is not through the inspection, the goods is qualified it?

Usually, TLD can help the supplier and buyer set product inspection specification (Check list), so that the two sides agreed to help the more effective monitoring of the production process. At the same time we can also provide inspection of QMC (Quality Monitor Control) service, can continuous improvement projects, to help buyers and suppliers of data analysis on product quality, continuous improvement is helpful to the factory.

In the strict sense, it is not the same as the goods passed the inspection is qualified. The inspection of goods inspection only according to the requirements of buyers, through the inspection only shows that this batch of goods reached the buyer inspection requirements, but does not guarantee that the test would not have any problem, because the inspection and testing center in different angles, the project is also different. At the same time the inspection passed, just to meet the requirements of a particular home buyers, does not mean that will meet the requirements of other customers.

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